Live conversation: Durbin Legend

Durbin Legend

Starting at 5 p.m., Wednesday, we’ll begin a live conversation about Santa Cruz’s American Idol star James Durbin as the East Coast version of the show airs. Join us for the latest update, but also to add your take or encouragement.


2 thoughts on “Live conversation: Durbin Legend

  1. Wallace what a great idea to host the James Durbin talk show. As a former Sentinel employee and Santa Cruzan I have really enjoyed the Sentinel’s coverage. I retired to Norwalk Ohio in 2009 but my heart is still in Santa Cruz and with the Sentinel. My wife Gretchen and I have promoted James since the show first aired and now everyone here is pulling for James. His music selection has been rigth on! Say hello to Marty for me.
    Keep up the great work and tell everyone there congratulations on all the newspaper awards.

    Gary Bensinger

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