Cheech & Chong to perform in Santa Cruz

Cheech and Chong-0991
In what could be one of the most bizarre electoral celebrations in American history, the iconic stand-up duo Cheech & Chong will perform at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, three days after an election to decide whether marijuana should be legal in California.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, who became big stars in the 1970s with an act built around smoking pot, will perform Nov. 5 at the Civic. Tickets are on sale now.

A duo that may appeal to those of a younger vintage is Jenny & Johnny, a newly formed musical project from the talented singer/songwriters Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice. They’ll play Sept. 1 at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz.

For these and all the other great stuff coming in Santa Cruz, check out our Futures Index.


2 thoughts on “Cheech & Chong to perform in Santa Cruz

  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    so boring even to this stoner
    save your $$ for something more interesting//exciting !

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