Events designed to appeal to 4/20 stoners

If you’re clueless to the significance of the number “4:20,” consider yourself officially square (and perhaps, you’re proud to be so). In the past decade or so, that number has emerged as a wink-wink reference to a certain lifestyle choice centered around a certain herbaceous material popular with Mr. Cheech and his business partner, Mr. Chong.

Of course, 4/20 also refers to a date, and it’s a date coming up fast. There are a few events, that will take place on or around April 20, designed to take advantage over what has become a de facto celebration of marijuana that take place on or around April 20.

For instance, at Kuumbwa, Rhan Wilson’s “Have You Ever Been Altared?” show will feature a live band and a bit of theatrics, to present classic “stoner” songs, most of them from the 1960s, such as Bob Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women #12 and #35” (You know, “Everybody must get stoooooned”).

Also that day, at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, will be a show called “Fourtwomp,” a night of dub reggae. And the Expendables, Santa Cruz’s most durable party band, plays the second of two shows at the Catalyst, and it’s unlikely the subject of 4/20 won’t be broached.

But the most interesting of these events takes place the night before, April 19. On that Monday, the Rio Theatre will host a free taping of a pilot of a Comedy Central sketch-comedy show called “This Show Will Get You High.” Not exactly into coyness, are they?

The show is being staged by a group called the Upright Citizens Brigade, a New York (by way of Chicago) comedy troupe known mostly as the spawning ground of “Saturday Night Live” vet Amy Poehler.

Since this is conceivably (though not likely) the final 4/20 before the legal decriminalization of marijuana, it could mark an intriguing cultural moment. So what are you going to be doing on 4/20?


11 thoughts on “Events designed to appeal to 4/20 stoners

  1. Hmm… On April 20, there’s nothing at the SF Ballet, or the Symphony, and the Opera is not in season. Guess you’re right, might as well sit around and get stoned. What is this “get stoned,” anyway? Is it something like “rock” music?

  2. Of course the Santa Cruz losers “celebrate” such occasions. If it weren’t for the cheap, beach front houses in SC, I would not even make that Hwy 17 drive thrice a week to make a living.

  3. Mark, with all the alcohol ads that we see around us you are worried about this article about dope?

    You seem to have your priorities backwards and upside down.

  4. Don’t get busted on 420 without a legal doctors recommendation! Come to SAFE HARBOR MED EVALUATION and get safe legal access today!

    501 River St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    OPEN M-SAT 12pm-6pm

  5. Alcohol is out of the body in hours while weed lingers in fat tissue for months and destroys short term memory and motivation. Weed causes paranoia in many and also overstimulates appetite.

  6. You’r showing you’r ignorance there Mark, alcohol stays in the fat cells just like weed, except it doesn’t poison you (hang over) and it doesn’t cause paranoia, you’ve been watching those movies again hu, you know the ones from like 5th grade, turn into a werewolf or something, alcohol also kills memory cells and destroys family life and plain old kills people, car wrecks, domestic violence and all kinds of drama due to being a drunk not to mention you can’t seem to stop. ALCOHOLISM…. and a few Twinkies and chocolate milk never killed anyone. You should go read up, oh the motivation part is b/s too, I get highly motivated when loaded !! alcohol should be against the law or at least taxed like ciggerettes, but too many politicos are drunks.

  7. You sound like an ex cop or something, they can’t handle it being almost legal either, most of the High school students smoke it already, pretty naive of you to think because something is posted such as this it will taint the children. Those same kids are at home sneaking in the liqueur cabinet at good ole Mom & Dads house, sneakin beers outta the fridge and snipping cigarettes outta the ash tray as well , you’r arguments against pot smoking are old and been proven to be NOT true but still persist due to the ignorance and resentment of people like you that think they know it all and really only know what they have been told. Read up man

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