Hey, what about the short films?

If post-Oscar buzz were water, we’d all be in our lifeboats this morning. Everyone’s gabbing about Sandra Bullock’s endearingly odd acceptance speech, or the big win by “The Hurt Locker” or the sheer lovability of Jeff Bridges.

But how about that Best Animated Short race, huh? What? You didn’t catch that? “Logorama,” a zippy little apocalyptic toon featuring literally thousands of familiar corporate logos, somehow beat out the beloved claymation icons Wallace and Gromit. This comes as a shocking upset because Nick Park’s lovable duo is both safe thematically speaking, and impeccably rendered. And “Logorama” uses almost 3,000 logos in ways that their copyright holders would probably find offensive.

Six years in the making, it’s an amazing little film. And I still cry for poor Mr. Peanut every time I watch it. By the way, among the logos, is the famous Santa Cruz Skateboards logo designed by the great local graphic artist Jim Phillips. When you watch the film, keep an eye out for it.

http://www.garagetv.com/v/S5k!wUapp7BV2oONHOYgA0fA3kKn7cvwkWO59OBMBBswSNtey-igvNmRlbFFQLab-z/v.aspxClick here to view the video film


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