Los Lobos, Willie Nelson coming to town

Santa Cruz County continues to beckon to big-name recording artists. The latest to commit to an upcoming visit is one of California’s great musical treasures, the great Los Lobos, who will play at the Mello Center in Watsonville April 9.

The other big name is the immortal Willie Nelson, who’ll land at the Catalyst on Sept. 20. That’s more than six months lead time, people. So you have plenty of notice.

Others coming is the intriguing folk trio Girlyman (April 29, Don Quixote’s); the one-time darling of the neo-traditionalist folk crowd Iris Dement (July 21, Kuumbwa); the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars (Moe’s Alley, May 14); and curiously, Susan Cowsill, a member of the popular 1960s family pop group and the real-life inspiration for the Partridge Family (May 13, Don Quixote’s).

Check out these dates and more in our Futures Index.


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