A grand night at the Gail Rich Awards


It’s all over, the 14th Gail Rich Awards, and the first at our new venue, the Rio Theatre.

Seven community members got a big, fat dose of love for all they do in enhancing and supporting Santa Cruz County’s arts community: artist Kathleen Crocetti, poet Amber Coverdale Sumrall, teachers Ray and Sue Brown, videographer Peter McGettigan, comic performer Iman Lizarazu and philanthropist David Kaun. Thanks to Steve Laufer for this great photo of our winners.

As the host of the evening, I was particularly moved by the wonderful testimonials of the honorees and their individual presenters. Kathleen was inspiring, Iman was funny, Peter informative and David Kaun’s loose, off-the-cuff performance may have been the moment to really savor.

My thanks to the Cultural Council Associates for putting this annual soiree together. The folks at the Rio were terrific, and the house looked fabulous. Special thanks to Barry and Shelley Phillips for playing live music to our “In Memoriam” reel featuring folks we lost during the past year.

The remembrance of those who have passed on added a sorrowful patina for what was otherwise an inspiring evening. But the Gailies are like life in that regard, bittersweet and precious.

Check out some video of the event here.


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