Stills, Rickie Lee, lots of reunions

A new year, lots of new shows coming up in Santa Cruz.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the great singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones since her huge hit debut — that was more than 30 years ago now, folks — she might surprise you with the depth of her catalogue. Rickie Lee’s got a gorgeous new album in stores called “Balm in Gilead” and she’s ready to spread the word when she comes to the Rio Theatre on Feb. 14. The songs on “Balm” are beautiful and real, and she’ll certainly give a shout-out to friend and fellow artist Vic Chestnutt, who died on Christmas Day.

On a local level, Don Quixote’s in Felton is hosting no less than three reunion shows of one-time favorite regional music groups. The folk trio City Folk — Kimball Hurd, Roger Feuer and Keith Greeninger — will reconvene on Feb. 19 (Of course, City Folk has played together periodically since officially disbanding in the 1990s). Then, on March 19, comes the mighty 1970s rock band Snail, featuring the well-regarded duo Bob O’Neill and Ken Kraft. And finally, comes the reunion of the 1980s new-wave, post-punk Santa Cruz band the Medflys. Their reunion is dated for April 17.

Also, one of the 1960s generation’s central figures, Stephen Stills, comes to town to play some of his favorites from the CSN/Buffalo Springfield days. Stills, whose sister lives locally, plays live at the Catalyst Feb. 12.

The wildly inventive bassit Les Claypool, late of Primus, comes to town on the wave of his new album, which is devoted to, we kid you not, mushrooms. Claypool plays the Catalyst on Feb. 21.

The landmark roots-reggae trio the Mighty Diamonds come to Moe’s Alley on Feb. 19.

The 1990s hitmaking band 311 plays live at the Catalyst on Feb. 23.

All that and more can be found on our Futures Index. Check it out.

One thought on “Stills, Rickie Lee, lots of reunions

  1. Looking forward to seeing Ricki Lee and hearing her new recordings, she is a great favorite from my past.

    I think that I will locate the few cassettes that I have of hers to get in the mood.

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