The Santa Cruz angle in ‘Youth in Revolt’


A promising new comedy is on the horizon, which should have some passing appeal to Santa Cruz audiences. “Youth in Revolt,” based on a novel by Bay Area writer C.D. Payne, is a wild tale of feckless youth, set partially at a foofy (and we should add, fictitious) boarding school in Santa Cruz.

The film stars Michael Cera of “Arrested Development” fame and newcomer Portia Doubleday as his inscrutable girlfriend who moves away to Santa Cruz (where he follows, in drag). The novel is a load of fun, a brainy but zany comic whirlwind which is, by the way, a fundamentally NoCal story. The other settings, beside Santa Cruz, are Oakland and Ukiah. This is noteworthy, because the film was shot in Michigan.


The director is TV vet Miguel Artera, who also directed the droll “Good Girl” with Jennifer Aniston and “Chuck and Buck.” It could be great, and I’m in fact optimistic. But let’s recall a similar project from earlier this year. Another screamingly funny novel called “I Love You, Beth Cooper” ended up as one of the year’s worst movies.

“Youth in Revolt” opens Jan. 8 at the Nickelodeon/Del Mar.


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