Santa Cruz’s Ellenore Scott goes for dance glory


OK, Santa Cruzans, time to step up for a local.

Ellenore Scott is one of six finalists on the Fox show ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ and she’s got a pretty good shot at winning the thing. Ellenore is 19, and though she lives now in Brooklyn, she grew up in Santa Cruz County and learned much of her dance basics at Dancenter in Capitola. (That’s her on the far left at age 13 at Dancenter).

Whether she wins the dance version of “American Idol” depends entirely on the viewing audience, and, as most couch potatoes know, these kinds of elections are very banana-republic in their lax rules. That means you’re entitled to vote early and often, hundreds of times if you’re moved to do so.

Here’s the deal. The season finale of ‘SYTYCD’ will air its first part on Tuesday, after which the public will be invited to vote its preference through texting or calling. On Wednesday, the show will air live (on the East Coast only, on the West Coast it will be tape-delayed). On that show, the winner will be announced.

Because of the tape delay, the winner’s name will most certainly leak before the local air time, so remember to turn off the Internet and not talk to friends with satellite on Wednesday, if you want to watch the show for its full effect.

So, there, Santa Cruz. Show up in big numbers for Ellenore. Watch the following vid, and she’ll prove she’s worth your vote. (The second vid is just a funny little lark, from a young woman showing her youth).


One thought on “Santa Cruz’s Ellenore Scott goes for dance glory

  1. Ellenore you are amazing! What a wonderful dancer, performer, and person! You are loved by many! We will keep you in our hearts! I vote hundreds of times each voting night!

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