Gail Rich Award winners 2010

In January, we here in the Santa Cruz arts community are in the habit of taking time to appreciate the creativity and passion of artists and arts supporters in the community with the Gail Rich Awards. The 2010 winners, who will be featured in a special lay-out in the Sentinel on Jan. 3, are as follows:

Kathleen Crocetti, artist, teacher, activist.
Peter McGettigan, videographer, producer.
Ray and Sue Brown, musicians, educators.
David Kaun, musician, philanthropist.
Iman Lizarazu, performance artist.
Amber Coverdale Sumrall, poet, teacher.

It is a worthy testament to the life’s work of these fine individuals that they were chosen from a short list of terrific candidates, most of whom will certainly be part of this project in future years. Congratulations to them all.

Our wonderful reception and recognition ceremony takes place this year at the Rio Theatre on Jan. 26.

Here’s a list of past winners.


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