New era for Gail Rich Awards

Our annual arts showcase, the Gail Rich Awards, is undergoing a change, which I consider to be a positive one. For the past two years, the Gailies show has become so popular that we’ve filled the Kuumbwa Jazz Center past capacity, leaving many people out in the cold, literally.

The good will created by the show was just about negated by the bad will of people left standing outside who couldn’t get in. So next year, we’re moving the whole shebang to the Rio Theatre, with three times the capacity of the Kuumbwa. Nobody’s going to be frozen out this time.

We’re reducing the number of honorees from eight to six to make the show move along a bit more and to provide us from flexibility with our presentation in the Sentinel. The honorees will be announced, as always, on the first Sunday of the new year with a big photo spread by our fine photographer Shmuel Thaler. The show at the Rio will take place in late January (we’ll update with the exact date later). It will remain a free event, sponsored as always by my good friends at the Cultural Council Associates.

We’re currently soliciting nominees for the Gailies, looking for anyone who has contributed in some interesting or vital way to the cultural life in Santa Cruz, including artists, musicians, actors, writers, businesspeople, volunteers and other creative folk. Any ideas, contact me here. For a list of past winners, check it out here.


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