Monte fireworks show gets hip

Marisa cropped
The annual fireworks show at Seacliff Beach put on by the Monte Foundation is truly one of the great events of year, giving big-time money to local schools and putting on a dazzling fireworks demonstration. It’s also been a very family-oriented, true-blue, mainstream, square-as-a-brick show.

This year, the Monte show is changing things up with a sudden infusion of hip. The show welcomes a raft of intriguing up-and-coming musical acts including the hip-hop artist Really Doe, the reggae singer Mishka and the dream-pop band Lost in Los Angeles (LiLA), among others, all brought to Aptos by record producer Griffin Guess.

Essentially, Guess, the LA-based impresario of Cartel Records, is looking to make the fireworks show into a beach music festival.

The connection? Guess is married to famed swimsuit model Marissa Miller (pictured) and Marissa Miller grew up in Aptos and will, in fact, serve as hostess to this year’s event.

Read about the Monte’s new groove in Liz Kersjes’s story to be published in the Sentinel.

The fireworks show is one of the best you’ll see. But now, there’s more for your entertainment dollar. It takes place Oct. 3 at Seacliff State Beach. Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased at Deluxe Foods, or any high school in Santa Cruz County.

But who are these musicians? Well, here’s a taste:


One thought on “Monte fireworks show gets hip

  1. Good luck with the musical program. For this particular event, the fireworks are and always have been the big draw for me and my family. The Monte production makes up slightly for the local myopia of not having a 4th of July show.

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