A great day with Green Day

roryatGreenDayWhat happened to Santa Cruz’s Rory Freeman last week is so insane and unlikely that it seems to have sprung from a dream. Rory attended the Green Day concert at the hockey arena over in San Jose carrying a sign that said “I can play ‘Jesus of Suburbia,’ ” in reference to one of Green Day’s big anthems from “American Idiot.”

Then, incredibly, the band invited him to join them on stage to rock out to “Jesus.” Amazing. Here’s the proof:


12 thoughts on “A great day with Green Day

  1. Um…Wallace, Green Day has had fans come up and play/sing with the band on the last several tours. Its nice that a SC native did this, but from his signage, he obviously knew the drill. Really not THAT unbelievable. Gimicky yes, fun, for sure. Incredible, nope.

  2. This is my neighbor, and I’m so happy for him! He has been practicing a lot and we love to hear him jamming. What great stage presence! Go, Rory!

  3. I was at the concert and proud to see a fellow Santa Cruzan rockin’ it on stage with our locaGreen Day! I think it’s great the band pulls people on stage during their concerts – they’ve done it for years and they definitely do the gigs for the fans – awesome show all around. Proud of our local bay area boys!

  4. We were at this concert and this kid was amazing.
    He wasn’t the first one to be asked up on stage but the first kid was to shy to go up. He played a few songs while he was up there.
    It must have been a dream come true for him.

  5. Sitting in the audience that night, my wife, son and I were thrilled and happy to hear Billy Joe announce that their lucky audience axe-man was from Santa Cruz. And then to have Rory be such a great performer was the cherry on the top. Congratulations!

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