Patriotism 2.0?

Obama 2008

OK, Santa Cruz, sound off. On this Fourth of July weekend, do you feel more patriotic or less so, now that Barack Obama has replaced George W. Bush in the White House? Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Patriotism 2.0?

  1. I’m still angry, but my anger is not so white hot these days. I have hope again, but that hope is due more to my fellow Americans than any political party. We the people have to accept responsibility for war, bailouts, our personal lives and finances. I do see that happening, very, very slowly.

    This is still a bootstrap nation at heart and while with Bush’s exit we are no longer (so much) on the path to fascism, now socialism is rearing it’s ugly head. Taxes are a must to pay for social services, infrastructure and security, but there must be limits, fiscal responsibility and fairness.

    Government has grown burdensome to the people and traditional roles have been reversed. The government is to serve the people, but the people are serving the government. Bloated and over compensated, common sense must be restored. The electoral process must be open to all Americans, our democracy is no longer a representative democracy – that is near the root of the problem. We have politicians who represent interests not of the people – and who actively disobey the will of their constituents. How many Americans approved of the bailouts? Something like 25%? Personally I’m tired of hearing politicians making promises while running then running from those promises after winning. These politicians have permanently lost my vote.

    But I do indeed have hope. I know I am not alone in my anger and desire for the restoration of America. This web site gave me hope – despite the name there is no religious twist.

    No more hyphenated Americans please, remember, divided we fall – we the people are ALL AMERICAN and UNITED WE STAND!

    Happy Fourth of July!!

  2. I’ve always thought that the highest duty of patriots is to give their countries the full benefit of their consciences and best judgment. Mr. Obama’s arrival at the White House, and his subsequent acts as President, have only reinforced that belief, while providing numerous occasions to practice it.

  3. This Fourth of July, more so than any previous, reminds me of one of Mark Twain’s famous quotes.

    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

    I am celebrating this Fourth of July with reckless abandon, much like Congress does when spending our tax money. I am celebrating because Congress is in recess for but a short time, giving taxpaying Americans a welcome relief from Congress’ constant waterboarding tortures of immense deficit spending and the thousands of pages of unread, but Congressionally-approved, legislation.

    I had great hopes when Barack Obama was elected President. He is smart, incredibly articulate, and claimed a desire for government transparency and honest, thoughtful, bipartisan debate. Unfortunately, his transparency and bipartisanship appear to be as real as when George W. Bush made similar claims. President Obama’s recently stage-managed town hall meeting on health-care is a total mockery of open, honest debate, stuffed with “random questions” from such non-partisan, responsible organizations with official-sounding names like Health Care for America Now.

    I see a Congress that is even more dangerously disconnected from reality and out of control than the previous disastrous Congress. Instead of listening to my wishes, my state and local elected officials tout their “many accomplishments” that are directly counter to my stated wishes. They seem content listening only to those that pay the price for admission.

    After taking control of major banks and now automobile companies, this same government wishes to become a major participant in health care, despite its many failures at its ongoing responsibilities, Medicare and Social Security (both now with multi-trillion-dollar structural deficits).

    Social Security and Medicare Cash Surpluses and Deficits

    The President’s Orwellian-titled 2010 budget, “A New Era of Responsibility,” balloons the deficits beyond that left by George W. Bush and his Republican band of drunken sailors in Congress. The unsung heroes in this mess are the government’s bean-counters in the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Their non-partisan analyses attempt to tell the real story, for those willing to pay attention (and with a strong-enough stomach for grotesque fiscal carnage).

    The Long-Term Budget Outlook

    A Preliminary Analysis of the President’s Budget and an Update of CBO’s Budget and Economic Outlook (March 2009)

    Then, in a category all by itself, there is failed State of California. Enough said.

    Federal income tax is my single largest expense, larger than my mortgage, car payment, insurance, and groceries for a family of five—combined! California property tax is second. California income tax is third. And what do I receive in return for all this hard-earned income? Apparently disregard, disrespect, and little else (well except for interest payments on all that future debt). So please forgive me if I see government as my single-largest hindrance and not the source for my future success.

    As I said, I will be celebrating the Fourth with reckless abandon. I will be one of those “crazy, right-wing nutjobs” that Nancy Pelosi warned you about, protesting at the Taxed Enough Already rally down at the Santa Cruz clock tower tomorrow.

    I love the United States and California. However, it is somewhat like watching beloved friends succumb to drug abuse—in this case, reckless government policies and massive deficit spending. I fear for the future but know that once they acknowledge that they have a problem, both are strong enough to pull themselves out of their downward cycle of decline (I hope).

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