How do I love thee, Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is soooo deserving of a poem in its honor, don’t you think? Well, it could happen.

The folks at UC Santa Cruz are inviting community members to submit an “Ode to Santa Cruz” in a contest to find the best poem extolling the virtues (or vices) of Santa Cruz. The winner will get two free tickets to the upcoming performance by Garrison Keillor on May 13 and — this is the best part — Keillor himself will read the winning entry on stage.

The deadline is 4 p.m. on May 6, and submissions should be no more than a page. Here’s more info.

I thought, as a way to get the creative juices of the community going, I’d kick things off with:

I think that I will never see/
A parking spot near the beach that’s free


Do not go gentle down a Santa Cruz street/
Rage, rage against the eating of meat.

Wow, I could do this all day

Because I could not stop for the weird guy in lime-green spandex playing ‘Lady of Spain’ on the accordion/
He kindly stopped for me

or, wait,

Twas brillig and the slithy toves/
Did pogonip and branciforte in the bonny doon

Then there’s

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?/
Thou art more foggy and more choked with drivers asking for directions

Just one more:

Two roads diverged on 17 and I –/
I took the one that wasn’t Ocean Street,/
And that has made all the difference.

OK, Santa Cruz, now it’s your turn. Represent!


4 thoughts on “How do I love thee, Santa Cruz?

  1. Wallace, you took up most of the good lines! But:

    Beneath the mighty chestnut tree,
    A drunk panhandler stands.

    Or how about:

    Water, water everywhere,
    At $1.50 per bottle.

    Or, if you prefer an Old Testament theme:

    And on the seventh day,
    God saw that all He created was good,
    And declared a day of rest,
    That forever more, none shall work
    On the seventh day,
    Except for meter maids.

  2. Laid back?
    too late
    no hate.

    Hate free! Nuclear free!
    no; UCSC…..

    on the other hand;

    Been there, done that
    Bay View, Garfield, Laurel, Mission Hill,
    Santa Cruz High too
    But nothing made as much sense,
    as staying put- starting anew
    invent thyself… (!)


    overpop – non-stop
    that’s no news
    welcome to Santa Cruz.

  3. Just a little north of Monterrey
    you can find an extensive buffet
    of wildlife, rules and regulations
    and lots of parking complications.
    There’s also plenty of homeless around
    where piercings, tattoos, and smoke is abound
    Oh Santa Cruz, how I love thee,
    but I don’t need another doggy poop fee.

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