A Gift from SUNDANCE:

10 Short Films Available Free on iTunes Stores January 15 Through January 25 at iTunes.com/Sundance

 By Cathleen Rountree

Can’t make it to Sundance this year? The Festival announced today the 10 short films selected to screen over 10 days on the iTunes Store (http://www.iTunes.com/sundance). All 10 films (“10/10”) will be available as FREE downloads through iTunes stores beginning January 15 and running through January 25, 2009 (the Festival dates). 


“We are thrilled to be able to highlight a selection of short films from this year’s program free online on the iTunes Store,” said Trevor Groth, Sundance Film Festival Senior Programmer. “The 10/10 films offer a sample of the diversity and originality of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival shorts program.”


The Sundance Film Festival’s annual short film program has established itself as one of the event’s hottest tickets. Extra promos and bonus materials are available on http://www.sundance.org/festival.


The Festival’s full Short Film Program comprises a record 96 short films from 5,632 submissions, from U.S. and International filmmakers. At the Festival, short films screen in Festival theatres prior to a feature film or as part of one of the Festival’s eight short film programs. During the Festival, a Short Film Jury awards prizes based on outstanding achievement and merit in U.S. and International Short Filmmaking.


Short films have always played an important part in the Sundance Film Festival and were inaugurated as an official program in 1991. The shorts program at Sundance has long been established as a discovery for directors, including Todd Haynes, Spike Jonze, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, David O. Russell, Tamara Jenkins, Nicole Holofcener, Jason Reitman and Alexander Payne.




Acting for the Camera ––An acting class. Today’s scene: the orgasm from ‘When Harry Met Sally.’


Countertransference ––A comedy about an awkward woman with assertiveness problems who seeks the questionable help of a therapist.


HUG ––Drew is a musician with a contract ready to sign. When Asa, his friend and manager, realizes Drew is off his meds the across-town drive to sign the contract becomes significantly more complicated.


Field Notes From Dimension X: Oasis ––Fred T. Rogard muses in isolation on planet Oasis.


From Burger It Came ––An animated film that recounts early 1980s-era Cold War fears of a young boy in middle America. Using a variety of techniques, the visual narrative is colorfully assembled over semi-documentary audio conversations between a grown adult recounting his fears and his mother’s memory of the time and her own concerns.


I Live In The Woods ––A Woodsman’s fast-paced journey, fueled by happiness, slaughter, and a confrontation with America’s God.


Instead of Abracadabra/Sweden––Tomas is a little bit too old to still be living with his parents, but his dream of becoming a magician leaves him with no other option.





2 thoughts on “A Gift from SUNDANCE:

  1. 10 Short Films Available Free on iTunes Stores January 15 Through January 25 at iTunes.com/Sundance

    Why was this posted on April 22nd? The headline says offer runs until January 25th, several months ago?

  2. This whole Sentinel page seems to be stuck on yesterdays news; and then this several month old offer. Saturdays are like that in Santa Cruz……..

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