Here come the Rad Girls

Rad Girls
They are called the Rad Girls, and they are appalling — at least to many proper conservative moms who feel they model dangerous, un-ladylike behavior, and to many progressive feminists, who feel they are pulling womankind in a backward direction.

But they are also heroic, especially to legions of girls and young women across the world who feel that girls and women should have the freedom to be as vulgar and crass and risk-taking as boys and men are. So there.

The Rad Girls are a trio of pseudonym-ed cable TV personalities who act as a kind of female answer to MTV’s “Jackass,” and they’re all former Santa Cruzans. The Rad Girls, in fact, were “born” when the three — who go by the names of Munchie, Ramona Cash and Darling Clementine — met in Santa Cruz, found out they had a lot of the same interests and starting doing outrageous stunts that polite society frowns on, to say the least.

The Girls are coming back into town Wednesday for a meet-and-greet with old friends and young fans at the tail end of their second season on MavTV (the first season was on Fuse). They’re the first to tell you that what they do will never qualify as fine art — among the stunts they’ve done on TV is competing on the volume of urine they can produce, eat burritos containing pubic and armpit hair, and spray fire extinguishers on people smoking in public. But they do so, they say, with a verve that underlines a certain rebelliousness that’s in the air in Santa Cruz.

The Rad Girls come to the Cypress Lounge (the former Jahva House) on 120 Union St., Santa Cruz on Wednesday (yes, we know that’s April Fool’s Day). They’ll screen some highlights from the second season, and Clementine will even do a song.

Here’s a sample or two of the kind of high-minded hijinxs that have made the Rad Girls folk heroines:


10 thoughts on “Here come the Rad Girls

  1. Hey these girls are just out there to exhibit rudeness for it’s own sake for crying out loud!
    And their parents allowes them to develop into these ornery nasty and foul mouthed little twerps that have absolutley no values and are close to completely having no redeeming qualities. No social values whatsoever. Perhaps they are just plain sociopathic for all I know. I’m no clinical psychologist. But these kids are victims of child abuse in my opinion. It is the parents job and responsibility to guide children as they grow into and mature ino adulthood. Not the other way around and allow them to regress and worse. So no one cares and society takes a pass and no one says or does anything about it.
    Typical for our day and age. We have been practically destroyed by the product of the sixties and their kids and no their grandkids. Heaven help us!!!

  2. I mean to say, “now their grandkids.” And in case you didn’t figure out who “they” are. “They” are the indoctrinated brainwashed kids of the sixties. “Students” of rebellion. Really sick stuff!!

  3. Not much “rad” about doing nasty things for money. I’m sure they are funny in their own way just as I sometimes laugh at Jackass reruns. But there’s nothing laudable about what they do.

  4. >>>”But they are also heroic, especially to legions of girls and young women across the world who feel that girls and women should have the freedom to be as vulgar and crass and risk-taking as boys and men are.”<<<
    Entertainment is entertainment, but just as Rush Limbaugh’s effect on the right goes way beyond entertainment, so too does these women’s effect on “the legions…”
    That being the case, one wonders why someone who claims to want to imitate men, chooses only qualities like “vulgar, crass, and risk-taking” .
    If it’s true you’ll have 15 minutes of fame, choose how to spend it wisely.

  5. Yeah, but if there isn’t enough vulgarity, the Obama administration might subsidize some more, as part of a recovery package.

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  7. So rad. Such a new concept, never seen that before. I wonder what they’ll do next. I’m gonna brace myself. So cool. And rad.

    Waste of bandwidth…

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