Film Festival offers an appetizer

Don’t look now, but the Santa Cruz Film Festival is again bearing down on us, with a whole raft of intriguing feature films and documentaries playing at venues all over the county.

On Friday, the Festival will be offering audiences a little sneak preview at what the fest has in store, including “Gospel Hill” (pictured), a political think piece starring Danny Glover.

The larger purpose, however, is to raise money so the Festival can keep going, an effort needed more than ever in this iffy economy. In that respect, the Festival will be offering up items for auction. They include: an Ashley Lloyd “bio-foam” surfboard; two tickets with VIP passes to the famous Bridge Concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in October featuring Neil Young and guests; DVDs of “What Would Jesus Buy?,” a doc on the controversial Reverend Billy From the Church of Stop Shopping and “In the Land of Owl Turds,” Harrod Blank’s rare film about Santa Cruz; and separate dinners with intriguing artists and eccentrics including Blank, Giancarlo Esposito, actor and activist Ed Begley Jr. and the counterculture shaman and clown Wavy Gravy.

That’s right, a dinner with Wavy Gravy — that’s the person, not the side dish.

The Santa Cruz Film Festival runs May 7 to 15 in venues around Santa Cruz County.


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