Adam Scott: How to break into show biz

Party Down; Episode 105
Actor Adam Scott knew no one in Los Angeles when he moved there from his home in Santa Cruz to become a professional actor. That was more than 15 years ago, and now Scott — whose credits include “Party of Five,” “The Aviator,” “Step Brothers” and others — is now the featured player in a new series called “Party Down,” and is working regularly in both movies and TV.

How did he do it: He just stuck around. “I only got where I am now because I just never left,” he told me in an interview from his home in Los Angeles. Even after all his friends from Santa Cruz with similar dreams left town after a few years of struggling, Scott hung around, working a bit here and there, dealing with the various humiliations of an unknown actor, until finally something started to catch fire for him.

My story on Scott’s new gig barely mentioned it, but he’s a big believer in using technology to get attention: Borrow a camera, write something good and perform it, post it on YouTube, do whatever you can to promote it. That’s a tool not available to Scott when was young and just coming up.

His second piece of advise? Denial, naivete and obliviousness: “Out of sheer blind faith and ambition and not knowing any better, I just moved here thinking that I could be a movie star. I just didn’t know.”

Here’s a taste of “Party Down,” which debuts tonight on the Starz Entertainment network at 10:30 p.m.


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