The enduring Dead

Almost 14 years after the death of guitarist Jerry Garcia, the appeal of the Grateful Dead seems as strong as ever, at least in places like Santa Cruz. This week in the Sentinel, we’ll look into the enduring hold the Dead has over its fans, in some cases, fans too young to have had the opportunity to see the Dead in person.

There are several Dead cover bands working in the area, as well as a continually popular biweekly event called the Dead Dance, in which live recordings of old Dead shows are played so people can dance. There’s also guitar teachers teaching Dead material. It looks like the Dead is going to survive us all.

Our story will be in the Friday’s version of the Sentinel.


7 thoughts on “The enduring Dead

  1. I would love to watch and keep you hydrated Redwood Girl… You Know, back in the day Spot and I did it in the road on the capitol bridge.

  2. I have to say, as someone who regularly attends the dead dances, I am very upset to see that the dance is getting written about in the Sentinel. Who was granted permission to tell everyone about our dances, in my opinion, no one there really wants to attract attention to the scene, its not like we have anything to hide, its a family event where kids are running around, but that we really don’t want a crowd hanging around to watch everyone dancing, or to make the place so full no one can dance freely. The sentinel should consider peoples privacy before publishing a story.

  3. Dead dancer, why would you think you’d have any less room to dance than at a Dead concert? What makes you think anyone wants to hang around to watch?

    Elitist deadheads – who woulda thunk it.

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