Dance is in the air in Santa Cruz

In the last couple of years, Santa Cruz has become a dance boomtown, and a big part of that is the subgenre of aerial dance. Aerialists are dancers who perform on ropes, hoops or long strands of silk at times 10 or 20 feet off the ground. Aerialists like the Gravity Girls and Miranda Janeschild’s Mir And A Company are long established in the area.

Now comes Lunacy Productions, who are playing a three-night gig this weekend at the Cypress Lounge in Santa Cruz. Lunacy attracted attention last December when its dancers put on a performance called “Holiday Spice: Naughty & Nice” to mark the holidays. Now, spring fever is on their mind, as the Lunacy performers put together “Pre-Quinox: A Springtime Interruption of the Mundane.” Ticket info is here.

In April, Canadian aerialist Kevin O’Connor and his troupe are scheduled for a big performance at the Vet’s Hall in Santa Cruz as part of the Santa Cruz Dance winter/spring schedule. We’ll provide some coverage of that event as we get closer. Meanwhile, here’s a taste of what to expect from the O’Connor group:


2 thoughts on “Dance is in the air in Santa Cruz

  1. Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre will be presenting its annual “in concert” series this Saturday and Sunday at the Cabrillo Theatre.

  2. Thanks for this article, Wallace. Now about those reviews of the Scott Wells, Per Haaland, and Kathleen Hermesdorf shows at the 418 recently… Promotional pieces are gratefully received, but, in my experience, rarely put bums on seats, I suspect because readers view them as puff pieces and so not to be trusted. Reviews, even after shows are done, are an important–and missing–part of what it will take to increase the dance audience in this town. And without such an increase the dance boom will fizzle.

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