UCSC musicians hit Carnegie Hall

The UCSC Wind Ensemble is just now coming down from the high of playing the most prestigious house in the musical universe: Carnegie Hall. The group, led by director Rob Klevan, played Carnegie Hall back on Valentine’s Day weekend.

The 61-piece ensemble played several selections — including Rex Mitchell’s “Introduction and Fantasia,” William Hartley’s “Hallelujah Fantasy” and Jeff Beal’s “Concerto for Clarinet and Soprano Sax” — before an audience of about 2,000.

The Wind Ensemble had played before at Carnegie, back in 2001. The only three players in this year’s group who were along for the original trip were students then. Now, they’re community players. Klevan said that many in his group had never visited New York City before, and a few have never flown in an airplane. But the majesty of Carnegie Hall is what they all remembered.

“We just played a chord (during rehearsals) three or four times just to hear it come back to us richer and warmer each time,” he said.


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