The Secret Film Festival

Looking for a way to “spring forward” into daylight’s savings time? How about in a seat at the gorgeous old movie house the Del Mar?
This weekend, the Del Mar is hosting the Secret Film Festival, which is likely to attract only a certain kind of maverick film fan. There are two reasons that Joe and Jane Traditional Moviegoer won’t be there: 1) No one knows what the movies are; and 2) the thing starts at midnight and goes until lunchtime the following day.
The is the fourth year the Del Mar has done this kind of thing, and it’s been a hit in the past. All the Del Mar will say about the films is that they are five (or more) yet-to-be-released feature films, most of which will get a local run at the theaters in the next few months, plus a few surprises. You won’t stay up all night to watch “Beaches”; these are all new movies. Among the films that have played at the Secret Fest in years past was Wes Anderson’s “The Darjeeling Limited” and its short-film companion piece “Hotel Chevalier” with Jason Schwarzmann and Natalie Portman (pictured).
The theater is stocking up on things that will both to keep you up through the marathon — chocolate covered espresso beansm Red Bull — and to keep you from feeling lousy the next day — sandwiches, cereal, fruit.
Hey, you’re only young once, right?
The Secret Film Festival begins a minute before midnight on Saturday and goes through Sunday at about noon. Tickets are $13.


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