The magnificent Carol Burnett


I recently had a chance to interview by phone the indomitable Carol Burnett for an advance piece on her appearance in San Jose on March 23. She was warm, expansive, full of humor and good grace.

For years, she’s been touring in a series of intimate question-and-answer performances, featuring clips from “The Carol Burnett Show,” remembrances of great moments from the show, and questions from the audience.

Details on how to buy tickets to the March 23 performance at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts are here. Choose the pull-down menu under the San Jose box.

Here’s the phone interview.


4 thoughts on “The magnificent Carol Burnett

  1. Wally, this was amazing! We watched every one of her shows. I loved hearing the inside info. Carol is up there with the best! It would be wonderful if we had a variety show like hers today.

    Thank you!

  2. I clicked all the links and got nowhere. I love Carol Burnett, but it really shouldn’t be this hard to find out how much the tickets to this event cost.

  3. Can this be put on the Sentinel podcast feed? It’s either dormant or dead at this point, but I’m still a subscriber!

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