Michelle Shocked just booked


Moe’s Alley has just booked the always defiant neo-folkie Michelle Shocked for a show on March 24. Shocked was part of that Cowboy Junkies/Indigo Girls generation of folk artists who emerged from the Reagan years, adding a little spicy sauce to the singer/songwriter coffeehouse tradition.

Her fans, of course, know her for many of her great songs — “Anchorage,” “When I Grow Up (I Want to be an Old Woman),” “Prodigal Daughter” and more. But she’s also a pioneer in the eternal fight of an artist against the recording industry to control her work, and has only in recent years been able to re-release her many albums under her own label. Always a provocative political voice, Shocked several years ago performed for free on the sidewalks of Santa Cruz. She comes to town on the heels of a new album called “Soul of My Soul.”

Moe’s Alley has all the details on the March 24 date. In the meantime, here’s a blast from the past from Michelle Shocked:


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