California or bust!

There is an easy and common way to categorize Californians — those who were born and/or raised here; and those who, for whatever reason, consciously chose to move here.

For the first time in — well, forever — California is losing the allure that attracted millions to settle on the West Coast. Maybe now is a good time to remember what brought us here in the first place.

We’re looking for coming-to-California stories, particularly from those who immigrated here from another state (or another country), for no other reason than to be in California, to hang out in some primo town like Santa Cruz, and to see what fate has in store.

Did you drive from New Jersey with nothing more $128 in your pocket two years ago? Bolt from Texas in the middle of the night on a borrowed motorcycle never to come back 10 years ago? Follow some girl (or boy), and a vague dream of Hollywood or Silicon Valley stardom 25 years ago? Do you know someone who did something similar and then returned home? Let us know.

Send us an e-mail with a brief outline of your coming-West story and we’ll sift through them for an upcoming series on the Golden State’s enduring appeal to restless souls. Contact us here.


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