Square Roots nostalgia

Old-time Santa Cruzans might fondly remember the Square Roots, certainly one of the popular surf/ska bands in these parts for years. For Roots fans, their music is the soundtrack for the 1980s in Santa Cruz. There a few old videos of the band now up on YouTube. Check them out.
Here’s the roots groovin’ on ‘Tears of a Clown’ at the Santa Cruz County Fair, circa 1987:

Here’s a video of the Roots’ song ‘Cruel Steps’ with some surf/skate footage by Tony Roberts:


4 thoughts on “Square Roots nostalgia

  1. The Square Roots are mostly still around the central coast with a couple exceptions. Our old bass player is with X-Large and I am in a bluegrass band called Bean Creek. The horn players are still around here or S.F. Check out Myspace -Square Roots -Santa Cruzand BeanCreekBluegrass.com

  2. Mayor Billy: I havent seen you in Capitola in a while. Not sure if you are still living by the Shadowbrook. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a reunion show someday, maybe at the Catalyst? It would be a blast. Where did the time go? How the heck did I end up being ‘that old guy’ at the club?

  3. I played percussion in this band from about 88-92.
    Definitely one of the bands I’ve played in that just stands out as GREAT FUN! These days I play in The Road Hogs, (www.roadhogs.net) as well as some great music projects with Don Schiff. (Elvis Presley’s last bass player). Don is one of the best Chapman Stick players in the world. Check him out at http://www.donschiff.com Cheers everyone! Neil

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