Tannery Era begins

A new era is set to begin in the Santa Cruz arts community with the opening of the new Tannery Arts Center. The twin buildings are finally, after years of planning and construction, ready to receive its tenants, and people are moving in gradually beginning this week and into March. By the beginning of April, the site of the former Salz Tannery will be bustling with a new culture of creative people ready to invent itself.

We’ll have coverage of the move-in as it goes along. Those who will be inventing the new culture now have a networking Web site they’re using to get to know one another. Stay tuned.


19 thoughts on “Tannery Era begins

  1. So happy to hear it is finally complete, now all those starving artist will have a place to sit around and get stoned and not sell their art. I am still waiting for the city to provide me with low income housing so I can pursue my hobby and not work.

  2. This is the dumbest thing yet. Starving artists get cheap housing. Maybe if they call themselves artists and they are starving, they suck at art.
    To be an artists is a CHOICE, if you cant sell your art, that is your fault get a job. How did this pass?

  3. Cheap subsidized housing for these free loaders. Let them live in their VW buses and sell their art just like thoseDeadheads used to do.

    It’s time to provided subsidized housing for police officers, firefighters and teachers, who cannot afford to live within the city limits because their meager salaries cannot pay the rent…

  4. The housing dole for artistes; I’m sure hard-working taxpayers struggling to survive will rejoice in having their money go to enable this entitlement that turn artistic avocations into vocations on the taxpayer’s dime. However I’m sure the liberal elites like Baine think it’s just fine and they couldn’t care less about what the self-supporting, working riff-raff think.

  5. My wife and I were discussing why we went to college, take out loans, get out and work 50 hours a week to barley make it, we should buy a finger paint set and we would have it made.

  6. You guys are totally right, art is pretty lame. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed music or a painting. Plus, if you can’t put a dollar sign on something, it must suck! Santa Cruz definitely doesn’t need more creative, artistic people living here, or foster an art scene and contribute to SC culture.

  7. A very small portion of the cost for this was paid by tax dollors.Personally,I’d rather see my tax dollors go to this than some of the other stuff it pays for.I actually don’t like the project very much.But the taxes issue is really just a red herring.I don’t like the fact that its just for “artists” though.I believe it is imperfect,but still needed by the community.

  8. “My wife and I were discussing why we went to college, take out loans, get out and work 50 hours a week to barley make it, we should buy a finger paint set and we would have it made.”

    You sound jealous. You could still give it all up and buy the finger paints.

    Why anyone takes out college loans is beyond me. Maybe you’re “barley” making it because you don’t know how to think outside of the normative social pressures.

    I paid my own way through state universities, and I think I’m doing just fine. I’m glad their are artists, and I’m grateful that I’m not one of them. I wouldn’t want their lives.

  9. The competition for these units was very competitive. Most people camped out overnight just to be able to get their names into the applicant pool. You have to show that you are able to pay the required rent and that you are an artist: visual or other wise.

    Santa Cruz portrays itself an an “artist” community but was loosing it’s artists due to lack of affordable housing.

    Personally, I think that this artist community will be a be tourist draw (read $$$ for the community) when the word gets out. It will also be a great place for collaboration. I, for one, am glad to see this support for the artist side of Santa Cruz.

  10. I camped out overnight for a dead concert. The competition was very competitive. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been a competition! It was so competitive that I didn’t get into the front row. So I twirled in the back. My twirling is magnificent performance art. Can I get a cheap apartment now?

  11. “But the taxes issue is really just a red herring.”

    No, in addition to the land being bought with our tax dollars, and the building being partially paid for with tax dollars (mostly State and Fed – but guess where they get their money?) , because the RDA owns the land, there are no property taxes – those things that everyone else pays one way or another to pay for schools, etc.
    Taxes is not a red herring – it’s real.
    Throw in the taxes that we’ll actually lose when CHS gets elbowed out, and it’s very real.

  12. Why is it that our children have substandard schools and our artists have subsidized housing? Where are our priorities? I would much rather my taxes go to school books than artists. If I like the artist’s work I will pay for it – just like I do for any other item or service I want. We don’t subsidize teachers, nurses, janitors, waitresses or any other low paying profession so why do we do this for artists who have the potential to make a lot of money if they are good at working with their chosen medium? I don’t get how this came to be – why does our leadership have their priorities so twisted?

  13. Wellfedsrtist, its called a night job, and what is wrong with getting some loans to put yourself through college, i just graduated, and now i get to support artists and illegals.
    Beans, not jealous, just dont think laziness and choosing a profession where you cant support yourself should be rewarded.

  14. I think it is a good project. I would guess that a lot of those artists have had lots of day jobs and will probably continue to have day jobs to make ends meet. But if they can have a chance to further civilization, good for us! If we can support sports in this country, why not art? Not everyone watches sports. Some of us really like art. I am looking forward to openings and performances close to home.
    My only gripe is, as a neighbor down the road, there are lots of development in that area and the Harvey West area, but only one way in or out. It is getting harder and harder to get through the River/Hwy 1 intersection during rush hour. Please, Santa Cruz, give us a break!

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