Tess Dunn rocks the house

Our hosannas and best wishes go out to Tess Dunn, the 14-year-old musical wunderkind who rocked the house at the Cayuga Vault earlier this month. The story of Tess has inspired a lot of folks in Santa Cruz County. For her entire life, she’s had to deal with a monster of a disease called cystic fibrosis, which forces her to undergo two hours of painful treatment each and every day. She’s also epileptic to boot. And still, this self-possessed young woman has the moxie and the drive to put together an album of her own material, recorded in a Los Angeles studio with the help of music industry pals and the Make a Wish Foundation. The new album sold out at the Cayuga Vault show, by the way.
And the prevailing thematic concern in the songs of a girl who has to face some of life’s harshest realities every day? Love.
To paraphrase a song I heard once. That’s all you need.
Check out Tess and her music here.


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