O Abraham!

Americans have always had an Abraham Lincoln fetish, but these days, Lincoln’s memory is ascendant in a way not seen in my lifetime. Of course, next month is the 200th anniversary of his birth, and that’s a big deal, obviously. But because Barack Obama and many of those who support Obama have been constantly evoking Lincoln by way of comparison, he is a star of today’s political culture.
Being present for the inauguration of the country’s first African-American president was a thrill for me. But the serendipity that brought me to stand at the feet of Abe at the Lincoln Memorial on that historic day, without anyone else around, at least for a minute or two, was something of a spiritual experience.
I would like to report that the enormous seated figure winked at me, or whispered something profound. I would like to say that I saw his stone face break into a subtle grin of gratification for the momentous occasion of the day.
But, no. It was just me standing before the marble, as if I were a messenger from the present day informing Abe the news of the day.
As Rick Warren said in his invocation prayer before the swearing-in, Dr. King and his supporters are shouting in heaven today. Yeah, I bet old Lincoln is doing a little jig of his own.

Is it possible to take a bad photo at the Lincoln Memorial?

Is it possible to take a bad photo at the Lincoln Memorial?


3 thoughts on “O Abraham!

  1. Rumors of the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s death are premature. Lincoln died in 1865 so next year marks the 145th anniversary of his death.

  2. The Great Emancipator may not have winked at you, Wallace, but I’m sure he did at the Obama Family when they visited on Friday!

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