Good company


Witnessing the inauguration was gratifying for me because I got to do so alongside my 16-year-old daughter Quinlyn, who is amazingly savvy in all things political. Me? At the age of 16, with Jimmy Carter in the White House, I couldn’t be bothered with the state of the country. All I cared about was Van Halen albums and avoiding all contact with my parents.
But Quin’s generation is much more tapped in to political culture and I think that’s because, for many of them, Barack Obama exudes a kind of youthful, clued-in hipness that no other president has ever approached.
Of course, as a dad, in a city 3,000 miles from home, with enormous crowds and crippling cold, all I cared about was her safety. But I’m thrilled she was able to accompany me, still two years away from her first vote. I’m glad to know she’s already more politically engaged than I ever was as a teenager.


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