Sundance Jan. 20–Inauguration Day

At Sundance, 9:35 AM, I’m sitting in the Press Room  with about 50-60 other film journalists in front of a large flat-screen TV. Sundance, as one might imagine is lopsidedly liberal. People are overjoyed. There he is: our president, President Barak Obama. Sundance graciously set up four Festival Venue locations for viewing.


Sundance seems more subdued this year than I’ve ever seen it. I wonder how many people who generally attend the Festival are standing in Washington D.C. right now? During the opening Sundance Film Festival Press Conference last Thurs., Robert Redford, the founder of the Festival, was asked how he felt about the Inauguration falling during the Festival. “I don’t mind it at,” he smiled. If some people would rather be there, I’m all for it.”


Rock on Aretha!


No more Cheney…welcome Joe…we’ve been waiting eight long, brutal years for you and our new president.


As I’m listening to Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhac Perlman play “’Tis a Gift to Be Simple,” I’m thinking of something that President Barak Obama said during an interview after he was elected––and I paraphrase––“When I was a boy in school, we had art class, and music class, and gym. What happened to our schools? I want to invite artists and poets and musicians to return to our schools and inspire our children.”


Yes, we can!


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