On the way to Washington

Here we are, the last full day of the Bush years. All those countdown clocks they’ve been hawking at the Bookshop Santa Cruz and other places are getting ever closer to zero.

My daughter Quinlyn and I have arrived in North Carolina where we are to rendezvous with my brother Michael. From there, we’ll make our way to Washington in what is sure to be an epic pilgrimage.

I intend to update this account of the inauguration as we experience it. Because of circumstance, we’ll only be able to be in D.C. on Tuesday, so much of what I have to offer will be via text-message or on the fly from Washington as the swearing-in ceremony draws near.

Until then, it’s preparation, strategy and dealing with red-state relatives somewhat less than thrilled about the idea of an Obama inauguration. As I’m sure the president-elect will say moments before assuming command: Let’s do this thing.


One thought on “On the way to Washington

  1. More childish crapola, Wallace can only relate this to petty Santa Cruz “progressive” politics, such as what’s for sale at the Bookflop.

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