Window shopping

One of the most noticed and least respected arenas of creative expression is the retail window display. We’re trying to find some of the best in Santa Cruz County, and I already have a couple of ideas. Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz is always reworking their window display and though sometimes it’s a bit gratuitously weird, often it’s a lot of fun. Another is the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, which features some eye-catching art from a talented assemblage artist.

Of course, I’m looking for other instances of stunning window art and promising displays to give those who design those displays a little bit of attention.


7 thoughts on “Window shopping

  1. J: My suggestion, to exclude a couple of stores, was based on the fact that the kind of merch they carry is inherently eye-popping. At least, for me it is. Unfair advantage!

  2. We cannot exclude Capitola, The village mouse is a enjoyable display year around of creativity especially around the holidays. A pleasant walk in Cap Village is free of crime, and no drugs or gang activity. Its a safe and fun place to take your family. The village mouse is a great example of fine retail window advertising.

  3. I agree with RobtA, you have to disqualify Camo and Luscious due to the fact that they have a decidedly unfair advantage. It’s like giving Barry credit for … oh nevermind.

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