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Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since this blog has been updated. I could say I’ve been in a coma, but my momma taught me better than that.

It’s a difficult thing to blog as a newspaperman. I’ve tried to avoid the two temptations of repeating what I’ve written in the newspaper, or to talk too much about the newspaper industry’s (and, specifically, the Sentinel’s) existential crisis.

The purpose of this exercise is to throw a spotlight on the Santa Cruz arts/entertainment scene and blab about other fun subjects, so let’s do that:

1. This Friday, we’re publishing a story looking back at the career of Paul Whitworth, the artistic director of Shakespeare Santa Cruz and the company’s most popular actor. I encourage everyone to read it and to reflect on what Whitworth has meant to SSC these many years. The company may have real problems maintaining some kind of continuity with a new artistic director, but Whitworth is right when he says it’s time for new blood. Let’s just hope the new blood is as potent as the old stuff.

2. There’s a great event planned for May 20 at the Civic. A long roster of working local artists are getting together to raise money for arts programs in Santa Cruz City Schools. Art Fest 2007 is a nice opportunity to see a nice cross-section of what the art community in this county has to offer. It’s free too.

3. Yep, I’m the only man in America yet to see “Spider-Man 3.” It’s just too early in the summer for my appetite for wretched excess to kick in yet.

4. Looking for great music? I’m in love with the droopy alt-country band Freakwater. They’ve been around, but fans of Lucinda Williams or Cowboy Junkies should check out their sound here.


One thought on “Blah, blah, blog

  1. “Whiskey is not evil when it’s sitting upon the shelf…I’m as sweet as I can be, when I’m home all by myself.” – old lyric from a Freakwater tune – I’ve got a few LPs you can borrow if you like.

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