A move in the making?

It’s not an April Fool’s prank, this rumor that the Santa Cruz Sentinel will be abandoning the famous “almond-roca” building on the corner of Church and Cedar. The Sentinel building will soon on the block and those of us who’ve earned our living covering Santa Cruz are having to surf some pretty big changes. No one knows at this point where the newspaper’s offices will end up — or what other fundamental changes might be on the way.

The paper’s location downtown has been one of the best things about working here, but it is a rarity. Most newspapers are located in office parks out in the exurbs, unlike the days when a newspaper was almost always a part of a city’s downtown.

If the Sentinel ends up somewhere in the Harvey West Park area, it might have repercussions for the Tannery Arts project. We’d be joining an exodus of arts organization to that part of town and might bring about some positive changes.

Still, I know no one at the Sentinel thrilled at the prospect of leaving Church and Cedar. Many workers in today’s economy are at the mercy of decisions made in other states and other cities. It’s no different in the media biz.


One thought on “A move in the making?

  1. Odd how so much of a town these days is run by organizations and people that don’t even live there. How profit is taken out of a town and spent somewhere else.

    I guess it is the inevitable outcome of technology and the ability to shorten distances and mass produce in central locations. It probably also allows for reduced production costs and hopefully, reduced consumer costs.

    The downside: more power is focused into the hands of fewer people. Power that can be abused if a town’s best interest (aesthetic, cultural, human value) isn’t addressed.

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