After Arnold, who?

Today marks exactly two years until the inauguration of a new president. It’s also the season for all kinds of presidential candidates to announce their intentions.Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Crypt Keeper: Since you have to be both native-born and functionally alive to be president, neither will get to sit in the Oval Office. And I can’t help but wonder what the mood is like in the California governor’s office these days.
The Constitution bars our Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to run for president (the Presidentator?) because of his foreign birth. Otherwise, he would be an ideal candidate for president. Here he is, a Republican with seasoning running a blue state, in the same office that Ronald Reagan once occupied, in a party waiting to be reinvented in the aftermath of the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush. He’s also in the same position that Bush was once in, and that Hillary Clinton is in today, comfortably re-elected into a second term. All that and Arnold is barred for taking the step. Considering the man’s outsized ambitions and appetites, it must be driving him insane.
Four years ago, the idea of Schwarzenegger as governor was a joke. But now it seems normal and natural. He seems to have grown into the job. That, of course, raises a question: With Schwarzenegger’s success in the political arena, where are all the celebrities following in his footsteps?
From Pitt to Affleck to Cusack, rumors have floated that there is a new generation of Hollywood elites with a secret hankering to run for office. Will they be like the Redfords and the Beattys of past generations, who’ve resisted the urge? Or is someone going to step up and use the power of celebrity to make hay politically? Arnold has paved the way, but even he hasn’t taken full advantage of America’s celebrity madness to redefine politics as usual. If Schwarzenegger is the upgrade of Reagan, who awaits to follow Arnold’s lead?


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