Is there good to come from the O.J. fiasco?

In the wake of the appalling but ultimately gratifying O.J. Simpson story this week, this one realization stands out:
We’ve finally found the bottom. After years (decades?) of sinking in sensationalist pop-culture slop, we’ve finally touched the bottom (where, after all, the bottom feeders dwell) of the amoral, free-market infotainment cesspool.
Sure, it took a suspected murderer gloating about his crime to do it, but I guess we owe O.J. some kind of thanks for bringing together blue-state and red-state sensibilities.
Being revolted by this guy and enraged by the suits at Fox who thought an “If I Did It”/O.J. media blitz was a good idea unites us all.
The timing couldn’t be better either. At Thanksgiving, a large number of us are hanging with extended family members with whom we may have some pretty substantial political differences. Finding common ground expressing repugnance at O.J. allows us to avoid Nancy Pelosi and Donald Rumsfeld as conversation starters.
It’s not that we’re lacking in media-directed mass outrage. That happens, what, every other day now? But whether it’s to news footage of gay-pride parades or to Ann Coulter merrily pedaling her latest poison-pen diatribe on the “Today” show, angry public reactions have a dispiriting one-sidedness to them, as if we’re all living in a stadium during a high-school football game. One side of the stands rages, while the other stays quiet.
But not this time. Perhaps there’s a black/white divide to be found somewhere in this story, but neither O.J. or Fox had many defenders this go-round.
So, thanks O.J., I guess. Now, please vanish off the face of the earth.


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