The Gail Rich Awards 2007

Every year, it’s my responsibility (and great honor) to choose a handful of Santa Cruz artists and/or arts supporters for the Gail Rich Awards, a designation we give to creative people in our community who deserve a moment of recognition.

This is the 11th year of the “Gailies,” and we won’t officially announce the choice in the Sentinel until Jan. 7. But, we’re letting the word leak out here. The winners this year include:

Costume designer Maria Crush

Musician Don McCaslin

Chef Joszeph Schulz

Drummer and bandleader Jimmy Norris

Artist Daniella Woolf

Poet and film critic Morton Marcus

Cabrillo Music Festival directors Ellen Primack and Tom Fredericks

A cappella singing trio Mayim

My partner in this venture, photographer Shmuel Thaler, is putting together some great portraits, which will be published Jan. 7. Then comes our annual reception at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center Jan. 31.


One thought on “The Gail Rich Awards 2007

  1. Wallace–
    I have another two nominees: Lorna Dee Cervantes, poet, and Dylan Morgan, painter.

    She doesn’t live here any more, but Dylan does.
    He did much of the work on the mural next to Lulu Carpenter’s downtown (which will disappear when the new building goes up).
    Dylan has shown in local galleries as well as out-of-town and his work actually sells!
    He also volunteers his time and work to support other local artists and is a sparkplug for them.
    And he did the inside book illustrations for Lorna Dee’s DRIVE.

    So why nominate Lorna Dee?
    Anyone who puts 15 years into a book of poetry and finally gets it published deserves mention.
    She is former UCSC student and Santa Cruz resident.

    I sent off a copy of Lorna Dee Cervantes’ book, DRIVE, press release to Matt King as a follow-up to the awards won by two local poets.
    I can send you an hmtl copy if you like.

    Here’s an example of the romantic side of her work:
    –Love in New York– (p. 251)

    “Snow sifted in strands
    upon the slicked elms,
    It settled in branches,
    gentle as my fan of black
    would be upon your chest; the waft
    at the thought of your hair
    made me ache from the cold
    of wanting you—your love, the sick
    sparrow of your heart…”

    ——-Keep up the good work.
    Wallace Wood

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