It’s Gailie time

Every year, we here at the Sentinel arts desk put together what we call the Gail Rich Awards, which is just an excuse to stop and appreciate the creative people in our midst. We do a great photo spread the first Sunday of the new year, and then a bang-up party/reception at the end of January.

We’re not telling who’s up for the Gailies this year (because we don’t really know yet). But maybe we’ll give you this by way of hints. Here’s who is definitely not on our short list:

50 Cent
Donald Rumsfeld
Barry Bonds
Suri Cruise
Whoever Jack Nicholson based his character on in ‘The Departed’
Kim Jong Il
Rosie O’Donnell
Neither Hannity nor Colmes.

Oops. I said too much already. The 2007 Gail Rich Awards will be published in the Sentinel on Jan. 7. If you have in mind anyone who deserves the recognition (or more names to add to the banished list) drop me a line at

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